Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Exams nearly over

Finally, I have got my last AS level exam this afternoon so they will all be finished for another year. Is anybody watching big brother? I am an addicted fan and I think this year is great. I am so glad that sezer went last week and I am hoping that Sam will this week and I think she/he probably will.

Not long to go before the world cup now so we are all wishin our boys the best of luck- I hope you have all got your England flags on your cars and your houses- how ridiculous is it that people have been saying that we shouldn't have these flags up. By the way, how ridiculously stupid does that stupid Peter Crouch look when he does that dance- it might be alright if he was good at it but he isn't- Max of pheonix knights is much better!!!

Just looked on the BBC news website and there isn't really much exciting going on in the political world today so we can just keep watching Nick Robinsons blog and wait for a witty theory on something.- and PMQ's is coming up later which should be fun

I am so glad that this weather is good now, I was getting so miserable with all this crap weather.

Right that is enough procrastination from my History revising- I can hear Peter the Great calling- wish me luck!!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

My first ever blog- wow

So what shall we start with...Tthere are illegal immigrants applying for jobs at the home office- what an earth is going to happen next with this government. The new education minister is bringing in new guidelines for school dinners which I suppose is a good thing. Thats enough of politics, there may be more later.

The da vinci code looks amazing and I recommend Boris Johnson's article in the telegraph yesterday (you can look at it on then go to comment, opinion and previous) on this subject. I also haven't seen MI 3 yet so I must do- have you seen the price of the cinema- far too expensive.

How good is big brother- every credit to the programme makers for finding possiblt the biggest bunch of freaks possible- not sure who will win yet cos I don't know the names but I will learn them soon.

Got to leave my first blog now- things to do